Op:l Bastards (Finland)


“It seems unlikely that our ancestors would ever have foreseen the day when you could have said, ‘There's a lot of this kind of thing about,’ when talking about Finnish electronica. Admittedly, it's not so much the specifics that mark out Op:l Bastards as men of the moment as their staring-eyed attitude, hooking out genres and styles like particularly aggressive magpies and building a lunatic nest of circuitry out of their thieving. It's similar in spirit - if not in sound - to Daft Punk, Add N To (X), even Zoot Woman's gleeful postmodern pilfering. Yet instead of treading the culturally correct line, the Bastards twist a knife in the heart of cool, often mutating into Daft Goth, the heralds of this autumn's much-touted resurgence of doom.”
(Victoria Segal, New Musical Express, 23.6.2001)

Friday 9.11.2001 - Gloria
21:00-03:00 - Avanto-Club: Op:l Bastards & Kari Aronpuro