DJ maisteri Lindfors (Finland)


At the Avanto Club in Gloria on 9th November, DJ maisteri Lindfors will play some of the Finnish music introduced in his article Arctic History: 60's electronic experiments, 70's underground sounds and 80's deviations from the norm. His equipment includes a radio cassette player and a battery-operated turntable.

Lindfors and his comrades organized the first Finnish futurist disco in 1981, edited the legendary cultural magazine Aloha! (“The Journal of Civilization”) in the 1980's, and authored, with Markku Salo, Ensimmäinen aalto - Helsingin Underground 1967-1970. Since 1993, he and Santtu Luoto have scripted and presented the radio show Cafe Veijon baari, which concentrates mostly on Finnish rural popular music. Its humour and sharp analyses are typical to Lindfors’ many pioneering projects that chart the unmapped areas of Finnish cultural history. AN

Friday 9.11.2001 - Gloria
21:00-3:00 - DJ maisteri Lindfors