Antoine & Mark (France / UK)


Mark Roberts and Antoine Verhaverbeke are the resident DJ’s at Dotcoma, the only weekly Helsinki club devoted to experimental electronic music. Their style? “Strange sounds, irritating noises, clicking, banging, unexpected cuts and beats mixed with a couple of sine waves and the sound of Indonesian fireworks exploding in the bellies of 10,000 year old mummified Egyptian princesses.”

Spotting Roberts and Verhaverbeke in the Helsinki listings might be a challenge however - they use different and often hilarious DJ names each week. Watch out for DJ My DJ Name Is Better Than Yours, DJ Spinach For Women, DJ Helmut von Luftwaffe-Kartoffel or DJ Incredible New Three-Dimensional DJ!

Friday 9.11.2001 - Café Kiasma
17:00-20:00 - Dotcoma's Antoine & Mark

Saturday 10.11.2001 - Gloria
21:00-03:00 - Dotcoma's Antoine & Mark