Avanto CD


The Avanto 2001 CD features exclusive tracks from all of the musicians performing live in the festival. It also includes excerpts from four of the film soundtracks. Read a review at All Music Guide

The Avanto 2001 CD is still available by mail order from M.DOS, Staalplaat, Metamkine, A-Musik and Dotcoma. If you're in Finland, you might still find a copy at Dis'n'Dat Records or Digelius.

Track Listing:

1. Kari Aronpuro: Urkertomus (“Kammottava vale”)
2. Fennesz: Tradition Is The Handing On of Fire and Not The Worship of Ashes
3. Alexei Borisov: Total NII
4.-8. Es: Experimental Songcycles # 1-5
9. [The User]: LPT1
10. ZGA: Miners
11. Toshimaru Nakamura: nimb #9.2
12. Ruins: Untitled
13. Bas van Koolwijk: TST. 04
14. Jari Haanperä: Indoor Light
15. Comae: Portadyne
16. Shogun Kunitoki: 5:36
17. Pekka Airaksinen: Epistemological Word Error
18. Sachiko M: div 1
19. farmersmanual: Sonderzeichenmassaker
20. Circle: Sarvet
21. Otomo Yoshihide: FF
22. Op:l Bastards: Copenhagen
23. Semiconductor: LinEar
24. Keuhkot: Käynnistys on suuri hetki
25. Kari Aronpuro: Timokratian jänis

All tracks previously unreleased