Kari Aronpuro (Finland)


Kari Aronpuro (b. 1940) is one of Finland’s foremost poets, and one of its true 'avant-garde' voices. Aronpuro’s writing has progressed from pure modernism to impure postmodernism.

Aronpuro’s debut Peltiset enkelit ('Tin Angels') was published in 1964. His style is fragmentary, but the form, nevertheless, is mostly poetry. His early works (1964-1987) have been collected in Selvää jälkeä ('Clear Marks', (1987); his latest is Pomon lumo ('The Charm of PoMo', 2000).

Aronpuro’s single novel, Aperitiff, avoin kaupunki ('Aperitiff, Open City', 1965) is a postmodern collage. It can be defined as "quiet literature"; the narrator-subject is in crisis and losing his voice. With symbols gradually replacing the subject, Aronpuro started to look into "fashionable" semiotics, post-structuralism and old metaphysics in his search for a frame of reference. How well has he succeeded? The jury of philosophers is still out on that.

What does the future hold? Perhaps poetry can, in the Cagean way, be interpreted as silence: "Quietly/ I am waiting/today is free of must"(Tässä valossa/Pomon lumo). JK

Friday 9.11.2001 - Gloria
21:00-03:00 - Avanto-Club: Op:l Bastards & Kari Aronpuro