Keuhkot (Finland)


The music of Keuhkot (meaning ”Lungs”), a.k.a. Kake Puhuu, has inspired music writers around the world to unleash some wild definitions - for example: ”avant-garde ethno-noise vaudeville”, “weirdo angularity that sounds like Wagnerian Nintendo”, and many more.

Kake Puhuu’s astounding live performances, complete with speaker’s stands, giant bird boxes and smell effects, his virtuoso lyrics, which represent Finnish modern poetry at its most intense, and his dreamlike photography on the covers of Keuhkot records all come together as an integrated work of art. With its uncompromising attitude, its earnest pondering of existential questions and a cruel sense of humour, it shares a distinct affinity with other Finnish artists influenced by ”arctic hysteria” – like Teemu Mäki and Kalervo Palsa or the bands on Oulu’s Bad Vugum label – and even veers close to Finnish ”outsider art”.

The music of Keuhkot builds on the foundation laid by The Residents in the 70’s, but spices things up with Arabic folk influences and the fuzzy echos of punk and industrial music, finishing it off with Kake’s visionary, Finnish lyrics.

At times, the lyrics are Kafkaesque, nausea-inducing fantasies, or personal tirades with razor-sharp irony at his own expense. At other times they are venomous proclamations against social evils, or impenetrable contemplations (on who knows what!). Above all, Keuhkot is funny – at least if you get a kick out of the style of the following titles, which also form the Keuhkot discography: ”Music for Railway Guard’s Vans”, ”Don’t Ever Listen to Music”, ”Meat on the Y-axis, I Am Right”, ”Keuhkot Trivializes the Search for Truth by Turning It into Mere Wordmongering”, ”What Do You Take With You As a Souvenir of Civilization”, ”The Left And the Right”, ”The Brown Chronicle”, and ”I Feel Sorry for the Bilhartzia Parasite”. AN

Friday 9.11.2001 - Gloria
21:00-3:00 - Avanto-Club: Keuhkot