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Avanto is Helsinki's annual event of non-conformist music and moving image. The fourth Avanto Festival presents a wide spectrum of avant-garde and underground artists from different generations, whose work varies from formal explorations to political activism and beyond. The festival venues are Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, The Finnish Film Archive's cinema theatre Orion, Gloria Club, Huuto Gallery and MUU Gallery.

Live performances:
Terre Thaemlitz (Japan)
Ultra-red (USA)
Staalplaat Soundsystem (Netherlands)
Leif Elggren (Sweden)
KK.Null (Japan)
Mira Calix (UK)
Radian (Austria)
Simon Wickham-Smith (UK)
Pekka Airaksinen (Finland)
Kari Peitsamo (Finland)
Helsinki Computer Orchestra (Finland)
Shinji Kanki (Japan/Finland)
Dubbing Mixers (Finland)
Emi Maeda (Japan/Finland)
Ibrahim Terzic (Bosnia/Finland)
Avanto DJs (Finland)

Film screenings:
Gunvor Nelson retrospective (Sweden/USA, 1966-2003)
Lillian Schwartz: A Beautiful Virus In the Machine - Animation works with computers (USA, 1970-1980)
Mark Boswell: The Subversion Agency (USA, 2003)
Tina Frank: Fuzzymotion - Pictures Without Legs 1995-2002 (Austria/Japan, 2003)
Chris Petit: Radio On + Radio On (remix) (UK, 1979)
Muscha: Decoder (West Germany, 1983)
Timo Palomäki: Poni (video installation, Finland, 2003)
Avantoscope: The latest in experimental film
Avantocore: Sexually explicit experimental films



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