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The Avantoscope programme presents some of the latest directions in experimental short films. Special attention has been paid to films whose soundtracks are an integral part of their artistic expression. The programme features two notable premieres of Finnish films.

Monument for the Invisible by Anu Pennanen is a suggestive depiction of urban Helsinki as experienced by a blind woman. The protagonist visits and studies two city sectors, the "haven of technology" of Ruoholahti, and the enormous building site in Kamppi, which is turning into a giant mall made of glass. Pennanen co-wrote the film with Johanna Röholm, who is also in the leading role. The script is based on interviews with visually impaired people as well as on Pennanen's own experiences from living in the neighbourhood between the two sectors. The film's visual impact is matched by Mika Vainio's (of Pan sonic) soundtrack.

Joost Rekveld's #23.2, Book of Mirrors can be seen as something of a parallel piece for the Pennanen film, in the sense that it consists of eidetic images as seen by closed eyes, somewhat in the spirit of the late Stan Brakhage.

Getting There by Kulo Murugaiyan is a minimalist vignette based on postcards found on the street. Both Crosshatch by Ian Helliwell and Live to Tell by Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay use split-screen technology very inventively, the latter being an a cappella rendition of the Madonna hit.

The other premiere in the programme, The Chinese Room by Minna Långström is a masterly 3D animation depicting a futuristic society, in which video control by computers is a natural part of people's daily lives.

Bas van Koolwijk specializes in audiovisual glitch, in which both the video and the audio signals are crushed into tiny particles. In Leon Grodski's documentary Great Balls of Fire the man in the street addresses the current state of affairs while the Twin Towers collapse in the background.

Radio On (remix) is introduced on another page dedicated to the director Chris Petit and the original Radio On film.

Pip Chodorov's 16mm film Charlemagne 2: Piltzer is an awesome, transcendental concert movie. Chodorov shot Charlemagne Palestine's performance in a gallery in Paris, and later hand-processed the material with an optical printer, making a glowing "music of colours".

Avantoscope 1
Anu Pennanen: Monumentti näkymättömälle (Monument for the Invisible), 2003, Finland, 12'. Music: Mika Vainio. Premiere.
Joost Rekveld: #23.2, Book of Mirrors, 2002, Netherlands, 12'. Music: Rozalie Hirs.
Pierre-Yves Cruaud: Le silence est en marche, 2001, France, 3'30.
Siegfried A. Fruhauf: Structural Film Waste (Dissolution 1), 2003, Austria, 4'.
Michaela Schwentner: Take the Bus, 2002, Austria, 4'. Music: General Magic.
Kulo Murugaiyan: Getting There, 2003, Great Britain, 1'45.
Ian Helliwell: Crosshatch, 2003, Great Britain, 7'25.
Benny Nemerovsky Ramsay: Live to Tell, 2002, Canada, 5'30.
Minna Långström: Kiinalainen Huone (The Chinese Room), 2003, Finland, 12'. Premiere.

Avantoscope 2
Bas van Koolwijk: FIVE, 2002, Netherlands, 3'.
Leon Grodski: Great Balls of Fire, 2002, U.S.A., 6'27.
eddie d: Orquesta Revoltillo, 2002, Netherlands, 4'55.
Billy Roisz: -2.20, 2003, Austria, 4'. Music: dieb13.
Pip Chodorov: Charlemagne 2: Piltzer, 2002, France, 22'. Music: Charlemagne Palestine
Chris Petit: Radio On (remix), 1998, Great Britain, 24'.

A host of related works will be screened on Saturday 22 November at the Avanto Club in Gloria:

Thomas Drachsan: To the Happy Few, 2003, Austria, 4'.
Elina Katara: Himojen puutarhassa, 2003, Finland, 1'20. Music: Vapaat muurahaiset.
Seppo Renvall: Woody, 2003, Finland, 5'. Music: Mira Calix.
Boris Kazakoff: Stakes, 1999, Russia, 8'.
Pekka Sassi: Cobol, 2003, Finland, 5'47.
Pekka Sassi: Line Fill 2, 2003, Finland, 3'15.
Pekka Sassi: High Tide Island, 2003, Finland, 7'59.
Michaela Schwentner: JET, 2003, Austria, 5'40. Music: Radian
Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay: I am a Boy Band, 2002, Canada, 5'30.
Samuli Alapuranen: Apinavideo, 2003, Finland, 5'.
Alasdair Willis: Pattern Plant, 2003, Great Britain, 6'11.
Michaela Grill: Trans, 2003, Austria, 10'.

plus two Avantocore works:
Jacob Pander: The Operation, 1995, U.S.A., 13'.
Barbara Rubin: Christmas on Earth, 1963, U.S.A., 30'.

Avantoscope 1 will be screened at the Kiasma Theatre on Friday 21st November at 17.30.

Avantoscope 2 will be screened at the Kiasma Theatre on Saturday 22nd November at 13.30.


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