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Ibrahim Terzic hails from Tuzla, a mining industry town in Bosnia. After graduating to become a translator, he used his professional skills in the service of UN for two years. The war in Yugoslavia almost over, he left for Denmark to study in a multicultural college, and in 1998 moved to Finland. In 2001 the Some Place Else label from Turku released Terzic's first CD-R, the 28-minute Fabrike Jaja, which sounded like a quarry studied at close range. On the following year's even shorter Dva the wall of noise subsided somewhat, and nervously twitching rhythms and absurd humour previously almost hidden behind it were revealed. "The strange creature on the cover is a ceramic statue of a lion, but its head has been kicked in", Terzic smiles in contentment toward the sleeve. Also, he tells he got his start in Tuzla in a "metal-banging" industrial band, and only began to use the computer as an instrument in Finland. "I don't know if my background has anything to do with my music. I just want to make loud and raw stuff. Maybe there is some kind of hatred behind it - I guess there must be some reason for someone wanting to play loud noise. But I definitively want to get away from industrial music. Away from the dark. I have started to sing stream of consciousness lyrics, because I want to do something that's even more funny and absurd."

Ibrahim Terzic will perform at the Avanto Club in Gloria on Friday 21st November.

Ibrahim Terzic


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