Avanto - Helsinki Media Art Festival 2001. 6-11.11.2001

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Homage to Erkki Kurenniemi


Mika Taanila: Future is Not What It Used To Be (FIN 2002, production: Kinotar Ltd.)
DEAL intermedia performance (Ilona Jäntti, Topi Tateishi, Mikko Ojanen)
Pan sonic plays Kurenniemi (Live: DIMI-A, Andromatic, Electric Quartet)

A pioneer of electronic art in Finland, Erkki Kurenniemi (born 1941) composed computer-based music and designed his own instruments as early as the 1960’s. His career embraces music, film, computers, robotics – in other words, both art and science – with natural ease.

Future is Not What It Used To Be is the latest documentary by Mika Taanila, the director of Futuro – A New Stance for Tomorrow (1998). It features never-before-seen archival material from the early years of electronic art, including excerpts from Kurenniemi’s unfinished experimental short films. The documentary entwines the past with the present, i.e. with the protagonist’s manic archival project, in which Kurenniemi records his thoughts, everyday observations, images and objects, constantly and obsessively. All this in an effort to combine man and machine – to reconstruct the soul of man.

In the intermedia performance Deal (1971) the dancers create their own live soundtrack by using Kurenniemi’s DIMI-O video synthesizer, which converts the movements recorded by the video camera into real-time sounds and music. This reconstruction of the piece features air acrobat Ilona Jäntti, hip hop influenced urban street dancer Topi Tateishi, and musician Mikko Ojanen.

The night culminates in a live performance by Pan sonic: Mika Vainio and Ilpo Väisänen will play a special repertoire using Kurenniemi’s original, restored 1960’s instruments called the Andromatic, the DIMI-A, and the Electric Quartet, the latter of which will feature two surprise guests as its third and fourth players.

Thursday 21.11.2002 - Kiasma Theatre
19:00 - Homage to Erkki Kureniemmi

Pan sonic