Avanto - Helsinki Media Art Festival 2001. 6-11.11.2001

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Franz Pomassl: Volume (20-20000)


With his electronic sound installations, Austrian artist Franz Pomassl explores the boundaries of our hearing. For the MUU Gallery he will construct a neutral, dimly lit space, filling it with both ultra and infra sounds. These extremely high and low frequencies cannot be heard by human ears. Instead, they can be felt - thus making aural perception a physical experience.

Pomassl manipulates our sense of space, direction, and distance, striving to break away from the confines of traditional perception. His refusal to use images, objects, or other visual material stems from his belief that the classic visual media are so limited. Instead, the spaces and conditions he creates expand our aural experiences
by changing our perception of space.

Pomassl is also known for his collaborations with Peter Kogler, Kodwo Eshin, and Alois Huber. Co-owners of the Laton label since 1990, Pomassl and Huber will both perform live at the Avanto Club on Friday.

Muu Gallery
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Franz Pomassl