Petri / Röed / Söderberg (Sweden)


Tokyo Noise
Directed by Kristian Petri, Jan Röed, Johan Söderberg
Sweden, 2001, 88 min, 35 mm

The perplexing, cheerful, and visually brilliant ”Tokyo Noise” gets its European premiere at Avanto. Collectively directed by Kristian Petri, Jan Röed, and Johan Söderberg, it is a depiction of Tokyo’s urban noise, its cultural climate, and what it is like to live in the middle of a hectic magacity. The most renowned name in the eccentric cast of characters is probably Nobuyoshi Araki, the controversial photographer. Women are represented by the quick-witted noise musician Mayuko Hino. The film also features plenty of enjoyably contradictory speculation on, among other things, robotics, Shintoism, ”love hotels”, and the ethics of a hobby club that specializes in photographing the Mount Fuji.

”What the people in computer games call 'cyberspace' used to be a world 'beyond.' It used to be exciting. Now it’s everyday life already. Reality is boring,” is how game designer Shono describes his life among glass high rise buildings.

The eclectic soundtrack was composed, performed, and compiled by Johan Söderberg and Zbigniew Karkowski, known for his work in The Hafler Trio. MT

Saturday 10.11.2001 - Kiasma Theatre
14:00 - Screening of Tokyo Noise