Avanto Festival 16.-18.11.2007

Antto Melasniemi:

Just like somewhere else — Soundscapes in the Sanitary Space of Restaurant Ateljé Finne

The soundscapes have been recorded during long nights in restaurants in cities such as Tokyo, Tromso and London. The sounds of different environments in the neutral sanitary space construct delicate distortions in time and space, leaving the restroom-goer on the edge of confusion, asking ”Where am I?”

Antto Melasniemi is a chef and restaurant keeper in Helsinki. Before his restaurant career he worked with music and sound in various projects. At Avanto 2003 he was involved with Vilunki 3000’s DJ Pahviständi installation.

Restaurant Ateljé Finne (Arkadiankatu 14), Friday, 16 November onwards, Tuesday–Saturday 5 pm to 11 pm.

Just like somewhere else