Avanto Festival 16.-18.11.2007


In the video installation SSHTOORRTY (2005), an artist is taking a painting as a present to his mistress, but is interrupted by the husband. The acted short film (“short story”) has been divided to two sequences of an equal duration, projected on top of each other. The result is a hazy eternal triangle, where the characters meet themselves again and again in a nightmarish atmosphere.

Michael Snow has never been particularly interested in narrative films, not even as a spectator. His films are therefore a portal to a promised land of cinema, a better reality which escapes everyday realism and traditional dramatic solutions. For Snow, filmmaking has, first and foremost, been a tool for thinking.

Michael Snow’s installation SSHTOORRTY (2005)
Kiasma Mediatheque from Friday, 16 November to Sunday,
9 December. The installation opens on Friday, 16 November at 3 pm.