Avanto Festival 16.-18.11.2007


15 November 2007
Circle-film longer than previously announced
The film Saturn Reality, which premieres tomorrow at the Avanto festival, is 100 minutes long, unlike previously announced. Director Esko Lönnberg, who finished the film just before Avanto, is present at the festival. The screening coincides with the beginning of Circle’s European tour in Berlin, so the band members will unfortunately miss the event.

15 November 2007
Prévost ja Wilkinson give a lecture at Helsinki University
Eddie Prévost, famous for his as the percussionist of AMM, and saxophone virtuoso Alan Wilkinson will give guest lectures on the topic of free improvisation in music tomorrow 16 November at Helsinki University. The title of their lecture is Improvisation, a discourse of musical discovery — the practice of self-invention and social invention. They also perform at the Avanto/Potlatch Club in Gloria on Saturday 17 November.

9 November 2007
Volcano the Bear on European Tour
Volcano the Bear will start a four week European tour today in Germany. The tour will include about 20 concerts around the continent. On Saturday 17 November Volcano the Bear will arrive in Helsinki to perform at the Avanto/Potlatch Club, which will be their first ever gig in Finland. The band's new album Admist the noise and twigs was just released this week by Beta-Lactam Ring Records.

1 November 2007
Kuupuu to perform in London on Sunday
One of the artists of Avanto/Potlatch Club on 17 November, Kuupuu, will perform in London during the coming weekend. The concert on 4 November will be part of The Wire magazine's 25th anniversary celebration. Kuupuu will share the stage with three artists familiar from Avanto 2006: Lau Nau, Pymathon and Tomutonttu. During the same trip Kuupuu will also perform in Brighton.

19 October 2007
Masha Godovannaya to give a lecture at the Academy of Fine Arts
Russian experimental filmmaker and curator Masha Godovannaya will give a lecture Stekliannoe pole: Reflecting the History of Experimental Cinema in Russia at the Academy of Fine Arts (Kasarminkatu 36) on Friday, 16 November at 2 pm. The programme Stekliannoe pole: The Russian Experimental Film and Video from 2001 to 2007 curated by Godovannaya will be screened at the Kiasma Theatre on Saturday, 17 November at 3 pm. Godovannaya will present the screening.

15 October 2007
Avanto box office opens
Tickets for Avanto films and concerts are available for purchase from 1 November 2007. Read more about tickets here.

Avanto festival passes are also available from the beginning of November. The 50 euro pass grants entry to all festival events as well as all exhibitions at the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art.