Avanto Festival


British sound artist Zoë Irvine (1972–) presents the Magnetic Migration Music Forensic Noise Lab in the Kiasma Theatre lobby over the Avanto weekend. The installation forms the latest focus of her ongoing found sound project Magnetic Migration Music (MMM), which began to collect, listen to and work with audiocassette fragments found in the environment in the 90s. For Avanto the MMM Noise Lab will reverse a procedure, usual in a forensic audio analysis, of cleaning the sound. Instead the MMM Noise Lab will use the same audio processes to remove the ‘clean’ sound and reveal the ‘noise’ elements, which could be considered as a record of the tape fragment’s journey outside the cassette. Although audiotape is now thought of as obsolete and finding fragments of tape in the streets becomes harder it can still be found surprisingly often once you start to spot it. On this occasion tape collection is encouraged by the distribution of 1000 collection envelopes and the invitation to bring any found tape along to Kiasma during the Avanto Festival.

Kiasma Theatre Lobby from Friday, 17 November to Sunday, 19 November from 12:00 to 6 pm.