Avanto Festival

Prurient is the noise project started in 1997 by Dominick Fernow (1981–). He is one of the brightest stars of the currently blooming American noise scene. Fernow has gained a reputation for his frenzied and passionate live performances. His performances, unpolished and stripped of the unessential, are fuelled by anxiety and an internal sense of weakness – characteristics that starkly contrast with all the masculine clichés noise sometimes manifests. Fernow places his shredding, effects-laden vocals at the heart of his music, and adds surprise by featuring unconventional choices of texts, such as verses borrowed from the Sufi mystic Rumi. Prurient has recorded widely and performed with artists such as Thurston Moore and Lightning Bolt. In addition to Prurient, Fernow’s other projects include the notable noise label Hospital Productions and a recently opened noise boutique in New York, which has over a short period of time become a Mecca for noise enthusiasts.

Avanto Club in Gloria on Saturday, 18 November, 9 pm to 3 am.

photo: Kelly Badger