Avanto Festival

The central figure of the Vaasa-based collective Hei’s shifting line-up is Heikki Järvi (1984–), who cut his teeth on ambient music and hardcore punk. He is also the manager of his own label, Tule ystävänä, which has released the majority of Hei’s recordings. After a number of records produced by Järvi himself between 2001 and 2004, Hei has evolved into a loosely formed live band whose slow-moving songs are reminiscent of American minimalism and post-rock. Nevertheless, the intimate melancholy of Hei’s songs feels both personal and unique. Their music is defiantly fragile, a characteristic heightened by their lack of percussion instruments. Their sound material is built on the violin, the cello and the clarinet as well as old electronic organs, echoing guitar sounds and the voices of the musicians themselves.

Avanto Club in Gloria on Saturday, 18 November, 9 pm to 3 am.