Avanto Festival


Timo Kaukolampi (1971–) and Mikko “Vilunki 3000” Viljakainen (1973–) have enriched the Finnish music scene with bands and projects ranging from the lo-fi garage rock of Larry and the Lefthanded to the electronic funk of Op:l Bastards. The pair are tirelessly prolific sub-culture activists, distinguishing themselves as disc jockeys, club organisers, managers of record labels and designers of record covers, flyers and posters. Kaukolampi is also known for his collaboration with the Norwegian pop artist Annie, while Vilunki 3000 has garnered fame as a member of Uusi Fantasia. At Avanto 2001, Op:l Bastards gave an unforgettable performance with the poet Kari Aronpuro. This year Kaukolampi will introduce his new project, which includes Tuomo Puranen, also familiar from Op:l Bastards, and Anssi Nykänen, considered by many to be the best drummer in Finland. This collaboration between the professional musician and the subculture activists can be considered a small cultural revolution. The trio – Kaukolampi, Puranen & Nykänen – has recently been working on their debut album together with the virtuoso producer Didier. The band’s performance at Avanto will be their live debut. Vilunki 3000 will display his talents this time in the DJ booth, spinning platters for the entire Avanto club night.

Avanto Club in Kuudes linja on Friday, 17 November, 10 pm to 4 am.