Avanto Festival


Since the early 1980s the French filmmaker Frédérique Devaux (1956–) has been one of the most internationally well-known representatives of lettrist cinema. With their works the lettrists seek to break down the boundaries between written text and moving image. In Devaux’s case, this is true to the letter: she manipulates film footage by hand – writing, scratching, cutting and sewing, sometimes even soldering and welding it. Commenting on and even destroying her own footage connects all her works. Fractured images, fragments of characters and shattered sounds result, and they illuminate the screen with a beautifully sparkling web of a reality previously unknown to us. Devaux has also published a book on Dziga Vertov’s The Man with a Movie Camera as well a historical survey entitled The Lettrist Cinema. In addition to screening an extensive programme of Devaux’s award-winning short films on 16 mm film, Avanto has the pleasure of presenting her latest installation. Frédérique Devaux will attend the festival.

Frédérique Devaux: Logomagie (1997)

Cinégraphiques (1987, 10’)
Logomagie (1997, 3’55”)
Signes Song (1998, 14’)
Fils d’images (1999, 1’19”)
Entrecroisées (1999, 4’30”)
Clins de vue (2000, 3’20”)
T®ous (W)Hole (2000, 3’10”)
K(1ère partie Il est une fois) (2001, 3’05”)
K (2ème partie Les Luttes Amazigh) (2002, 3’20”)
K (3ème partie Les Femmes) (2003, 7’00”)
K (Désert) (2004, 4’16”)
K (Rêves/ Berbères) (2006, 4’45”, ensi-ilta / world premiere)
Total approx. 62 min.

Kiasma Theatre on Sunday, 19 November at 6 pm.

Frédérique Devaux’s installation Plan(e) Proje(c)t at Galleria Huuto from 17 to 19 November, from 12:00 to 6 pm.